• 100 Days to Go - BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore 2015

    Just a month after the Southeast Asian Games, the exuberant energy that lifted the nation to 259 medals seems like a shadow of a distant past. The next mega sporting event, to be held at the Singapore Sports Hub across 10 days, will take place between 23rd October and 1st November 2015 - The BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore...

    By Dylan Mah
  • "What's in the bag?" of Our National Cyclist

    National cyclist Dinah Chan was Singapore’s hot favourite to defend her title at the 2015 SEA Games that took part on home soil. Check out what's in the bag of our cheerful 29 year old cyclist!

    By SportSanity SG
  • Who Said You Can't Drink Wine And Run At The Same Time? - Marathon Du Medoc 2015

    The Marathon Du Medoc race covers 21 chateaux of vineyards and winery. If this itself is not a draw, at the 38km mark you will be greeted with freshly shucked oysters and further down, the legendary Entrecote Beef! Free flow!

    By Jessica Wang Sing Yee
  • Prevention and Maintenance - Importance of Strength and Conditioning (Episode -3)

    Behind every top athlete is a good S&C coach, though these coaches might provide different programs and use different equipment, there are a few things they all have in common. The quality of these programs can be what makes the difference between being just another Athlete and an Olympic winner.

    By International Fitness Consultants (IFC | PT)
  • My journey with barefoot running: the Vibram FiveFingers Bikila EVO

    Getting a pair of Vibram FiveFingers is more than just getting a shoe. It is subscribing to a whole new way of running. What I really appreciate about the Vibram philosophy is that it encourages you to literally take one step at a time. It is about achieving best performance through right effort, right attitude and patience.

    By Tay Yu Shan
  • 5 Yoga Poses After a Day of Office Work

    While our eyes are glued to the computer screens typing furiously on the keyboard, we forget to maintain a proper posture and will end up slouching and crouching. Just a simple test: Are you able to raise both your hands with your biceps touching your ears? 

    By Jessica Wang Sing Yee
  • #OneTeamSG Tennis Team (Episode 3)

    Two weeks from now, Stefanie Tan, Wee Khee Yen, Angeline Devanthiran and Sarah Pang would be taking on some of the region’s best tennis players at the 28th SEA Games. Leading the Singapore tennis team is Stefanie Tan who had just returned in time for the SEA Games following a very successful collegiate tennis career. 

    By Dylan Mah
  • Prevention & Maintenance – A guide to Physiotherapy (Episode #2)

    As active, sporting individuals, the majority of us will probably have some sort of physiotherapy experience at some stage. When seeing a therapist, it’s important to have your personal goals in mind. To help you do this, here are 5 guides to getting the most out of physiotherapy

    By International Fitness Consultants (IFC | PT)
  • FULL VIDEO #OneTeamSG Sprinter, Shanti & Valerie Pereira (Episode 2)

    In the second episode of #OurTeamSG Athlete Series, meet Valerie and Shanti Pereira – a pair of sister who both found success in their years of high level competition. Shanti is the current national record holder of the 100m and 200m and had achieved 4th placing in all her events at her first SEA Games in 2013.

    By Dylan Mah
  • Are You Up For Pro Cycling™?

    Pro Cycling™ is a "30-minute high-intensity interval cycling session", and, on first impression, seems to be one of those "get fit and look good fast" workouts that are popular these days. After all, another description is that "people with busy schedules who need an effective...

    By Jeremy Sng
  • SNEAK PREVIEW #OneTeamSG Sprinter, Shanti & Valerie Pereira (Episode 2)

    Meet Valerie and Shanti Pereira – a pair of sister who both found success in their years of high level competition. Shanti is the current national record holder of the 100m and 200m and had achieved 4th placing in all her events at her first SEA Games in 2013.  

    By Dylan Mah
  • Top 5 Race Etiquettes To Follow

    To many of the experienced and veteran race participants, race etiquette is like their bibles to follow for each and every of the races that they have joined. However, to many beginners, this is something totally unheard of. Well, fret not. I will be listing the Top 5 Race Etiquettes for you to follow!

    By Chelza Chong
  • Top 5 Reasons To Join Pocari Sweat Run 2015

    June is filled with some of the most popular races that local runners would never wish to miss out, it is also flooded with many competitive runs that majority of the fitness enthusiasts have been looking forward to. Allow me give you the Top 5 reasons for you to join this run!

    By Chelza Chong
  • 5 Easy Ways to Stay Fit Despite Busy Schedule

    In our busy lives, many may find it hard to keep fit. Long work days, lengthy commutes, social or family commitments, makes it tricky to stick to a proper training regime. What are some ways you can fit exercise around your life?

    By Joshua Ang
  • Prevention & Maintenance – A guide to getting more out of your sport! (Episode #1)

    As an active individual getting injured is a real concern. Sprains, strains, tendonitis, and even broken bones are all consequences of living an active and athletic lifestyle. Fortunately, with the right knowledge and preparation, many injuries can be efficiently dealt with or prevented all together. How impactful can these unintended injuries...

    By International Fitness Consultants (IFC | PT)
  • #OneTeamSG Athlete, Cheng Jian Huan (Episode 1)

    In this first episode of the #OurTeamSG Athlete series, we will meet Team Singapore Shooter, Chen Jian Huan. Get to know how she got into the sport, how she feels about the upcoming SEA Games, and in the fun quickfire questions segment, what's her favourite cartoon growing up, and more!

    By Dylan Mah
  • Do You Know - The Sam Willows Were Ex-Athletes?

    The Sam Willows is one of Singapore's most successful pop band, but little did we know that The Sam Willows used to be ex athletes! One must then wonder, how do they feel about singing the SEA Games Songs of the Games? Do they have any personal experiences with the past SEA games? Well, stop cracking your brains out and let me fill you...

    By Chelza Chong
  • Former Asian Champion Excels in Life After Sports

    Ex-National Athlete, Carl De Vries, represented Singapore Bowling for 12 good years. "Since then, after my Bachelor's, I have found a way to pay my dues back to the local sporting scene by working with young local athletes. Helping them improve in their sport and perform better, seeing them win and fulfil their goals was my way....

    By Joy Xie & Debbie
  • U Sports KeepFit! 2015 KpopX Fitness Edition

    Thick eyeliners, attention-grabbing costumes, attractive and model-like youths, these are the images that would immediately cross our minds when we think of Kpop, especially for its dances. Yet, these are all just stereotypical perceptions of Kpop dances. You would be surprised to know that Kpop dances are not only suited for people for all...

    By Chelza Chong
  • Getting Your First Run Watch

    Whether you're looking to keep fit, or looking to beat your personal best at marathons, a dedicated run watch will seriously boost your performance and quality of training. With the dizzying array of running watches and features out there, how do you figure out what’s the best watch for you? How can you get the best bang for your...

    By Joshua Ang