• Meet Calvin: Sprinter, Student, Poster Boy, Entrepreneur

    Some guys have it all. I'm sure many of you have heard about Calvin Kang because he's almost always on that Milo packet or can and if he's not there, you might have probably seen him on the papers somewhere. Apart from his ultra mad running skills, he also happens to be an entrepreneur! Read on to find out more!

    By Chelza Chong
  • Leandro Ataides: 5 Time BJJ World Champion & Champion MMA Fighter

    A great sense of humour, a friendly disposition and a welcoming smile was what I would describe of Leandro Ataides after having had a chance to spend some time with him. Though he may be known as one of the deadliest middleweight MMA fighters, behind the scenes, some have described him as one of the most awesome guys.  

    By Chelza Chong
  • RIGHT FOOT OUT #4 – Sharpening For The Surge

      Philip our running Guru is back! Find out how Pace, Carbo-Loading & Nutrition can give you the edge you need.  

    By Philip Tan
  • Kirstie Gannaway: The Hot Chick that Packs a Punch

    MMA fever is finally starting to heat up with ONE FC's Battle of the Lions happening on 7 November. This week, we bring you up close and personal to the pro fighter who also happens to be a graphic designer by night, Kirstie Gannaway

    By Chelza Chong
  • 18 Eccentricities of Competitive Runners

      Runners come in all shapes and sizes however one thing tends to stay the same. Just like sportsmen from other sports, they often develop a certain style, mindset and behaviour unique only to to the sport  

    By Jeremy Sng
  • The “Idiot” Guide To Marathon Training

    So..... you registered for a marathon. The first thing most people do after is go to google and type "how to train for a marathon". More often than not 1,000,000 results come up and then the problem begins. Which one to follow?

  • 10 Things You Should Know About Singapore’s Golden Boy Joseph Schooling

    Good looking, humble, articulate, champion, fast, young, intelligent are just some of the words that can be used to describe Singapore’s golden boy. 

    By Kristel Oh
  • #Omtogether Outdoors at Singapore's Largest Community Yoga Class

    Come 19 October,  #OmtTogether will be hitting Singapore after a successful run in Hong Kong. Save the date for a therapeutic outdoor yoga session organised by Stretch City Singapore.

    By Charity Chan

    Philip is back for part 3 of his 5 part running series leading up to the Standard Chartered Marathon! 

  • Race Review: SHAPE RUN 2014

    Couldn't participate in this year's Shape Run? Don't worry,  we bring the experience to you. Find out what went down at this year's run.

  • Transformation Of The Football Boot From The Working Man's Boot To The Nike Magista

    Football's biggest stage has come to a close with Germany emerging victorious. We look back on the history of the boot from a high cut factory boot to he launch of the Predator.

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Participate In The 2014 Yellow Ribbon Run

      Most people have done wrong at some point in their lives so why not run and support a good cause at this year's Yellow Ribbon Run!  

  • Why Runners Should Get The TomTom Runner Cardio

    Looking to step up your run with a GPS watch? The TomTom Runner Cardio might just be the watch you are looking for

  • RunSohFast: Breaking the 41-year-old 10,000m national record

    Dare to be different, everything starts with a dream. This is something that comes to mind when speaking to national 10,000m record holder, two-time national cross-country champion , World Half Marathon Championship competitor & national athlete Soh Rui Yong.

  • 7 Perks of being a National Badminton Athlete

    Always wondered what the life of being a national athlete is like? We catch up with 

  • Safra Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon 2014 Race Route Preview

    The Race route for the highly popular Safra Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2014 is out! With new enhancements in place across all categories, it looks like it’s going to be one exciting event! 

  • Boost Your Badminton Game With Your Weight

    Beat your rival next week with these exercises!

  • World Cup Special: Down To The Final 4

    We are in the final stretch! Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands and Germany. Who will end up victorious?

  • Right Foot Out #2 – Mix & Match to improve performance

    Want to see improvement in your running? Find out how!

  • 5 Reasons why you should pick up Badminton

    Cant decide what sport you should pick up? Read on as the team from Crazybadman...