• 10 Things You Might Not Know About The Stunning Sports Hub

    I'm sure you've heard about the Sports Hub by now but did you know it cost $1.33 billion to build or that OCBC paid $50 million to name the place?!  

    By Kristel Oh

    The Nicholas De Cruz Story. You might have seen him in the news many years back. Afterall, he became a world champion 16. 8 years on, currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Psychology with the intent to major in Sports Psychology, former national sailor Nicholas de Cruz has no desire to leave the sporting arena just yet. 

    By Tay Yu Shan
  • So How Much Is 4 Years Of Hard Work Worth?

      It's been over a month since the Asian Games ended and tonight some of the biggest stars at the Games will be receiving their awards under the Multi-Million Dollar Awards Programme (MAP) for their efforts at the Games.  

  • Meet Calvin: Sprinter, Student, Poster Boy, Entrepreneur

    Some guys have it all. I'm sure many of you have heard about Calvin Kang because he's almost always on that Milo packet or can and if he's not there, you might have probably seen him on the papers somewhere. Apart from his ultra mad running skills, he also happens to be an entrepreneur! Read on to find out more!

    By Chelza Chong
  • Leandro Ataides: 5 Time BJJ World Champion & Champion MMA Fighter

    A great sense of humour, a friendly disposition and a welcoming smile was what I would describe of Leandro Ataides after having had a chance to spend some time with him. Though he may be known as one of the deadliest middleweight MMA fighters, behind the scenes, some have described him as one of the most awesome guys.  

    By Chelza Chong
  • Kirstie Gannaway: The Hot Chick that Packs a Punch

    MMA fever is finally starting to heat up with ONE FC's Battle of the Lions happening on 7 November. This week, we bring you up close and personal to the pro fighter who also happens to be a graphic designer by night, Kirstie Gannaway

    By Chelza Chong
  • 18 Eccentricities of Competitive Runners

      Runners come in all shapes and sizes however one thing tends to stay the same. Just like sportsmen from other sports, they often develop a certain style, mindset and behaviour unique only to to the sport  

    By Jeremy Sng
  • The “Idiot” Guide To Marathon Training

    So..... you registered for a marathon. The first thing most people do after is go to google and type "how to train for a marathon". More often than not 1,000,000 results come up and then the problem begins. Which one to follow?

  • 8 Fun Activities Every Family Should Try

    Time is of essence in this busy city & family time is becoming scarce. So why not kill two birds with one stone & keep fit while you bond with your family. Instead of taking your family to the movies or the mall, show them how fun life can be in the sun!

    By Kristel Oh
  • Late Night Gym Guide Singapore

      If you're a late night owl, this guide might just be what you need! Heres a list of gyms that open till late for you to squeeze in that extra bit of workout time  

    By Kristel Oh
  • 10 Things Every Ex-Athlete Struggles With

    Yes, sports teaches you many lessons but what about those that being an athlete does not teach you?  Here are 10 things all ex-athletes need to learn.

    By Natasha Tan
  • 10 Things You Should Know About Singapore’s Golden Boy Joseph Schooling

    Good looking, humble, articulate, champion, fast, young, intelligent are just some of the words that can be used to describe Singapore’s golden boy. 

    By Kristel Oh
  • Asian Games Wrapup: Just How Did Team Singapore Do This Time?

    With 5 Gold, 6 Silver and 13 Bronze medals, lets just say Team Singapore's performance at Team Singapore wasn't too shabby. Throw in 2 Asian Games records, 3 national records, 13 personal bests together with renewed hope of an Olympic Gold Medal from Joseph Schooling, the solid performances at the 2014 Asiad augurs well for the future....

    By Kristel Oh
  • #Omtogether Outdoors at Singapore's Largest Community Yoga Class

    Come 19 October,  #OmtTogether will be hitting Singapore after a successful run in Hong Kong. Save the date for a therapeutic outdoor yoga session organised by Stretch City Singapore.

    By Charity Chan

    Unless you are living under a rock, you would probably know that in less than 2 months, Singapore will play host to one of the most prestigious tournament in women's tennis, the WTA Finals.

    By Kristel Oh
  • 10 Kids Who Might Have Picked The Wrong Sports

    Everyone is born with a gift. Some find it early, others take a bit longer. But side note to these kids, you should consider switching to another sport. Enthusiasm only gets one so far #sadtruth.

    By Kristel Oh
  • #THROWBACK 5 Favourite Moments As A School Athlete

    Remember back in the good old days when you represented your school? It's time to reminiscence. Here are my 5 of my most favourite moments as a school athlete. So, what are yours?

    By Tay Yu Shan
  • Just How Much is An Asian Games Gold Medal worth?

    Being crowned the best in Asia is something many can only dream of.  Over the next 2 weeks, athletes will battle for glory & potentially a windfall from their country. Just how much is an Asian Games Gold Medal worth?

    By Kristel Oh
  • 8 Coolest Sports Products You Should Check Out

    KickStarter has provided the world with tons of new inventions. We bring you our 8 favourites that they have brought into the sporting world

    By Kristel Oh
  • The 227 Athletes Representing Singapore At The Asian Games 2014 #OURTEAMSG

      After 4 long years, the ASIAN GAMES is back yet again for it's 17th edition and it starts next week! With athletes starting to leave for the Games, we thought it was about time we unveil all 227 athletes who will be representing the country this time!