• 5 Easy Ways to Stay Fit Despite Busy Schedule

    In our busy lives, many may find it hard to keep fit. Long work days, lengthy commutes, social or family commitments, makes it tricky to stick to a proper training regime. What are some ways you can fit exercise around your life?

    By Joshua Ang
  • Getting Your First Run Watch

    Whether you're looking to keep fit, or looking to beat your personal best at marathons, a dedicated run watch will seriously boost your performance and quality of training. With the dizzying array of running watches and features out there, how do you figure out what’s the best watch for you? How can you get the best bang for your...

    By Joshua Ang
  • Athlete Beyond Sport - Yao Peng the Foodie

    Today, we caught up with Lim Yao Peng, a Team Singapore athlete in Track & Field. While being an excellent athlete, he also has a passion that resonates with many Singaporeans – food. Find out his one simple formula of shedding those extra kilos after the festive period, how he started his food blog, Lepak with Yaops, and in our fun...

    By Dylan Mah
  • 90 Days to SEA Games 2015: A Review of the #OneTeamSG Rally

    Red was the colour of Orchard Road last Saturday evening. In case you missed the sight, masses of Singaporeans joined in the “One Team Singapore” Rally, the call to support our national athletes in the upcoming 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, when they compete against the region’s best athletes in 36 sports between 5 –...

    By Dylan Mah
  • Prepping Your Hair for a Workout

    Who said you can't work out and look good all at the same time? Preparing your hair is an important part of a workout if you intent to work out efficiently. Here are some tips for short, medium and long hair..

    By Joy Xie
  • Safari Zoo Run 2015 – extraordinary sights, and smells to match

    Safari Zoo Run set in Mandai, home to the fifth entrant on a list of best zoos in the world, takes you through 6 kilometres of a carefully-orchestrated mesh of animals. "I even found myself slowing down to catch a better glimpse of the tigers basking in the sun (of course, first checking that there wasn't anyone behind...

    By Jeremy Sng
  • 5 Sporty Date Ideas

    As some of you are cracking your head for a extraordinary Valentine's Day date, fret not! Instead of the usual meal after movie, why not try out some of these sporty dates?    

    By Joy Xie
  • The Pains Of A Weight Cut. Torture & Sacrifice

    Never really could understand what a weight cut meant? No it isn't just trying to lose weight, it's trying to make weight for a fight. A Martial Arts fight to be exact. Just like the sport itself, it isn't rainbows and butterflies but more like torture and sacrifice.

    By Joy Xie
  • It's Not All About The Greens......

    The first thing that comes to mind every time one thinks of a diet is Greens and when that pops up, trust me, it isn't a happy thought.Fun fact, healthy gourmet is not all about filling your bowl with greens and here are 4 alternative recipes to a healthier life!  

    By Alicia Ho
  • "To Have A Purpose For Doing The Things You Love" - Sayidah Aisyah

    2013 SEA Games Gold Medalist Sayidah Aisyah catapulted herself and Singapore Rowing into the spotlight and more importantly into the hearts of Singaporeans when Singapore's only competitive female rower clinched a historic gold in the rowing event. 

    By Charity Chan
  • Changing The Way You Eat

    No one has to be unhappy about the way they eat unless of course the way your diet has evolved has caused problems related to health, social issues and personal issues. I emphasise the first sentence because I believe (like the rest of the professional coaches out there), that diet shouldn't be restricted unless you are a full-time body...

    By Joy Xie
  • 10 Christmas Gifts For The Runner/ Cyclist Who....

    Tired of cracking your brain deciding what to get for your runner friend?! Fret no more, we are here to save you! Say goodbye to simply buying a pair of running shorts, socks or even a t shirt for him. There's actually many more fun and interesting things out there.

    By Jeremy Sng
  • Choosing The Right Martial Arts For You

    Find the number of Martial Arts on offer too overwhelming for you? Don't worry, we've got you covered with this short summary and our writers recommendations of what martial arts might be the one for you.

    By Joy Xie
  • Peacocks & Running Shoes

    The weather in Singapore is not exactly the most ideal for running, but what's worse than that? Shoe Snobs. 

    By Jeremy Sng
  • On Track to Rio- How Far Will You Go To Chase Your Dreams?

    Having the 400m hurdles national record, being the first woman in 16 years to deliver a track medal at the SEA Games and being a 2012 London Summer Olympic Games competitor, Dipna Lim has had a lot of success on the track and she might just possibly take it one step further. The rent graduate from NTU's Sport Science Management course has...

    By Dylan Mah
  • Your 10 min Workout On The Go Guide

    With only 24 hours a day and so many responsibilities on our hands, finding time and effort to execute a good 10 minute workout without sufficient knowledge on fitness might seem impossible but if you dig deep, it actually isn't.  

    By Joy Xie
  • “It’s because I fall so often that I learn how to get up”

     Theresa Goh has had to struggle with her disability since she was born but that has not stopped her from achieving multiple success on the international stage.

    By Johnson Koh

    In this concluding chapter just before the Stan Chart Marathon, we will explore an overlooked area in most runners’ lives – the post-race recovery plan. 

    By Phil Tan
  • A Day In The Life Of Running Superstar Mok Ying Ren

    Medical Doctor, Running Superstar & All round great person, Mok Ying Ren definitely has it all. We catch up with him to find out what a typical day is like for him.

    By Chelza Chong
  • Did The Singapore National Games Serve It's Purpose?

    The 2014 Singapore National Games 2014 edition has concluded with many new champions crowned. So is it a Boon or Bane? We speak to two athletes from different sports, Engineer Alvin Lin & Bowler Vincent Lim to find out!

    By Tay Yu Shan