Top 5 Reasons To Join Pocari Sweat Run 2015

By Chelza Chong

Ambassador of the Pocari Sweat Run 2015, Mok Ying Ren

It seems like July will be a busy month packed with countless races and runs. Not only is it filled with some of the most popular races that local runners would never wish to miss out, it is also flooded with many competitive runs that majority of the fitness enthusiasts have been looking forward to. Yet, let us face the reality. It is impossible for us to participate in all of the races without both digging a hole in our pockets, and, conflicting our races’ schedules.

Well, if you are looking for a race that caters to everyone, a race that gives back to the society and last but not least, a race that provides quality hydration, I have one for you! The Pocari Sweat Run 2015 will be held on 12th July 2015 (Sunday) at the Kallang Practice Track. Apart from the mandatory goodie bags, finisher tees and medals, let me give you the Top 5 reasons for you to join this run!

1.     A run that caters to everyone - beginners, average runners and even, experienced runners.
Many beginners or average runners might realise that some runs are either too competitive or too tough. Eventually, you might either end up suffering throughout the races that you have signed up for or, choose not to join any of the races. Yet, Pocari Sweat Run 2015 provides a solution for you. With its 5km race category, not only will it allow you to start off your passion for races with a comfortable distance, it will also give you the perfect opportunity to pick up a great sport - running. For veteran runners, do not fret! The organisers for Pocari Sweat Run do have you in mind. The 10km race category is catered for you. Not only can you aim to set your personal best record, you can also strive to be the top 3 runners for your race category on that day itself. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

2.     A run that is flooded with charitable hearts.
With its vision- Better Health Worldwide, Pocari Sweat Run aims to help both the caregivers and care-receivers. Adopting SMA Charity Fund and TTSH community fund as its beneficiaries, Pocari Sweat Run will not only be raising funds for medical students with financial difficulties via SMA Charity Fund, it will also be contributing to TTSH community fund to help in providing sports conditioning exercises for the physically - challenged individuals so that they are able to participate in various sports.


3.     A run that commemorates SG50.
Have you heard of a run that commemorates SG50? Pocari Sweat Run 2015 will be commemorating SG50 by rewarding finishers of both 5km and 10km races with an Exclusive SG50 Finisher Tee ($35.90)! After all, Singaporeans should be encouraged to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle!  As a true blue Singaporean, as a Singaporean runner, as a Singaporean advocator of healthy lifestyle, I have to say, this is one race that I will never miss out.

More than 10,000 participants expected for Pocari Sweat Run 2015

4.     A run with an awesome location.
Breathtaking scenery, smooth race routes, and convenient race venue - these are 3 of the main deciding factors that we do consider before we sign up for a race. Held at the Kallang Practice Track, you are guaranteed with not only one of the best race routes in Singapore, but also, one of the most scenic ones that you will ever experience. Not to forget, the race is actually held at the heartbeat of Singapore. How so? Well, the race venue is actually just steps away from the Singapore Sports Hub. What can be better than a race held near the Singapore Sports Hub itself?


5.     A run with excellent logistics and organisation.
I have joined Pocari Sweat Run for the past 2 years and will never miss it. Why? It has a five- star (if I could give it millions, I would) standard for its organization, logistics and so on. Like many experienced race participants, I tend to become more observant towards the details of a race like the logistics provided by the organisers of the race or its organization. Ample water stations, smooth and wide race routes, punctual gun-off time, entertaining host, plenty of portable restrooms, great refreshments and the list goes on.

Great entertainment at the Pocari Sweat Run

Well, I bet I have tempted you enough for you to be heading towards the registration page for Pocari Sweat Run 2015 now. Do hurry before the slots run out! Sign up before 30th April 2015 for an early bird rate - $40 (5km) and $50 (10km)! Not to forget, various running clinics will be held by various professionals till 30th May 2015 so stop hesitating and grab your slots!


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