Life after Sports

Life after sports. Curious about what happens to our national athletes after their sporting career? This week, SportSanity finds out more about 2002 Asian Games Gold Medalist Lee Yu-Wen, ex-national bowler from 2001-2009.

As an elite athlete, it is never an easy decision to call it an end to their sporting career. Years of hard work and endurance put into their sporting passion is something that money cannot buy. Despite quitting the national team, Yu-Wen often misses bowling and meets up with ex-teammates once in awhile to bowl and for them to keep in touch with one another.

Being one of the fittest bowlers on the team during his career, Yu-Wen always heads to the gym after training, it definitely came at no surprise that he chose to further his career in the sports industry.

When he first retired, he was sure he wanted to be a sports masseur and went about getting the qualiications. However, as he found the job draining, he began looking at other options and eventually decided to be a personal trainer although he still provides sports massages occasionally. Yu-Wen is a very active and fun-going sportsman, being a personal trainer is like putting a kid in a playground all day! He couldn’t ask for more.

Yu-Wen had bigger plans in mind. With the perseverance and determination of a world-class athlete, Yu-Wen is now his own boss at his newly furnished gym, New-Yu.

New-yu is spacious and interactive at the same time! It’s vintage ambience brings this boutique gym to a whole new level. Without further ado, lets bring you around New-Yu!

Four things to take note of at New-Yu:

1)   Vintage switch – We rarely find switches like this around anymore! How cool is it be flicking the switches up and down to control the lightings in the gym?

2)   Manual typewriter – Such a precious display item. This took Yu-Wen months to find!

3)   Old time radio and fan – Too spoilt by the developing technology, this old time radio with a manual tuner is truly a rare finding

4)   Wall flip clock – This Fartech wall flip clock definitely adds to the retro feel in the gym

Above is a picture of a full set of brand new dumbbells. But that wasn’t what caught my eye, notice the vintage lamp at the end corner? Probably the most precious antique you can find at New-Yu. 

Pretty sure the last thing you want to do after a session of hardcore workout is to step into a filthy bathroom to rinse down. Well I assure you that the bathroom is fully furnished in style; providing you with clean towels and everything you need! Also relax and cool down at the funky chill out area, there’s even a Nespresso machine for you to enjoy your coffee!

SportSanity: Biggest difference being an athlete and now being your own boss? What are some of the pros and cons?

Yu-Wen: When I was an athlete I have a manager planning my schedule and competitions for me, being my own boss now I make the calls and decisions and it’s a lot of responsibility.

As an athlete, I learnt to be discipline, inculcated life skills and teamwork however it is very common to get injuries; this restricts me from doing a lot of things when I am older.

As a boss, although there is more responsibility to account for, I enjoy the freedom of making my own decisions 


SportSanity is proud to have New-Yu listed in our general services. New-Yu is giving all SportSanity members a 20% discount for the first 5 sessions at this newly open gym. For more information of New-Yu as well as other general services, click here.

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