Getting Sporty With The Family

By Jessica Wang

Recently, I have been dragging my mother aged 66 down the canal behind our house to run with me.  Of course, she was not really running but more of walking.  She began to realize the benefits of doing this morning stint rather than just going to the market in the morning and end up pigging up a heavy breakfast. 

Having family support to do sports or just working out together can be so much fun and beneficial for everyone in the family.  It is also a good chance for some bonding time and to enjoy some quality moments together rather than work or studying all the time.   

The difficult thing for the family to get together to do some form of exercise due to our hectic lifestyle and also children these days are so cropped up with tuition, extracurricular activities and also parents sometimes have to even work on weekends to make ends meet.  It is not an easy task. 

Here are some of my suggestions which I recommend, and the best is these activities are free!

1. Doing house work together
Children generically do not like to keep their room clean or do housework.  But getting them started will be a good way to train them when the start to live outside independently when they grow up.  I enjoyed the times changing bed sheets, cleaning the window and washing dishes with my mother.  This is also the time we get to talk to each other.  Usually these are done weekday after work and we get to spend some time together.  I understand that these days, many Singaporeans “ outsource” this to the domestic maid.  But you can fix one or two days in a week to get the maid to rest while you and your family members do a little bit of house work together.  

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2. Climbing Stairs
About 80% of the Singaporeans live in high rises.  It will be a good opportunity to get to walk up the stairs with your family member.  I used to challenge my brother to climb up the stairs to our 9 floor apartment when we were really young.  It was really fun and it did not take up a lot of our time.  We also enjoy this small exercise after school.  

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3. Heading to the Public Pool
To me, a true Singaporean should at least visit our public pool once a lifetime.  SSC is giving free credits for the entrance to pools, make use of this opportunity to spend some quality water borne time with your family and chill off the heat.  To speak the truth, Singaporeans are blessed with the opportunity to enjoy good public facilities.  Some of the pools are also equipped with nice water features like wave pool and slides.  You can check out the myactivesg website for such features :  This can be a good chance for you to move about and get to know Singapore better.

4. Visit the Singapore Parks
Many people like to complain that it is too warm or humid to go to the parks, but do you know plants are natural air conditioners?  Do make it a point to wake up early while the weather is still cooling and hit the park for a cooling walk or run with the family, by the time sun comes up, you can still enjoy a small breakfast with the family.  Most of the parks in Singapore have some sort of small café for the family to relax and unwind for the weekend.   For more information on parks do visit the National Parks Board : for more activities and information.

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5. Amazing race with Public Transport
Another game when we were younger with my brother was to take a bus to head to no where.  There were no MRT when we were younger and we liked to take the bus and travel to all the places from faraway where we live in the West.  After that, we will roam about the neighbor hood centre and just chill out.  It was a good way to take public and not drive all the time.  These days many parents chauffeur their children to school even with the most convenient MRT system we have.  Do give it a try, you will be surprised with what you get.


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