Boost Your Badminton Game With Your Weight

Most Singaporeans have a regular group a.k.a “KAKIs”, but don’t commit to exercise outside of their regular badminton sessions. So! WWW.CRAZYBADMAN.COM has found four(4) bodyweight exercises to add  at the end of your regular game to improve Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance so you can beat your rival next week!
These exercises will not transform you into the Lin Dan of badminton, but it will boost certain essential attributes that edge you closer to delivering that killer shot. Of course, results are not immediate! If you keep training consistently and dedicate effort into them, you will improve bit by bit to get to a higher badminton playing standard!
Badminton requires great skills, a high level of fitness, lots of playing experience, and mental resilience. Here are 4 exercises that will help with fitness! ONLY FITNESS! The 4 exercises will help in flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. This ensures that you can play faster, longer, and reach further!
In collaboration with MaxForm, a specialist in speed training, Crazybadman is able to bring the benefits of sports science to you. Maxform founder, Lim Yao Peng, national sprinter and sports science undergraduate informs us of the most apt exercise for badminton. The “National Standards for Youth Sports” certified trainer has conducted trainings for young aspiring athletes and busy executives in the corporate world.
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This exercise is to increase strength and power in the lower limbs. It aids during the jump phase for a smash, pounce forward for a ‘lift’ and ‘net’ shot and many more.
Reps and Sets: 
10 Repetitions per set and 3 sets in total. Rest 2 minutes in between each set.

1) Hands by the hips

2) Squat to parallel depth

3) Explode off the ground and land on the ball of the feet

4) Repeat for 10 repetitions continuously 
Note: Keep upper body straight and stable at all times. Exercise to be performed with intensity while landing should be ‘gentle’. For beginners, perform exercise one at a time and progress to doing it continuously
An easy and convenient method to train your aerobic system. Landing on the balls of your feet boosts both endurance and improves footwork allowing you to last longer in the game. 
Reps and Sets: 
Skip for 3 minutes, rest for 30s and repeat for 5 sets.
Imagine that you are holding a skipping rope. Keep both arms and hands next to your hip and turn your wrist as you ‘bounce’ of the ground.  
Note: Do not use your arms to ‘turn’ the rope and do not jump but bounce gently.
To increase flexibility in the adductors, hamstrings and hip flexors. This will improve your ‘reach’ during a ‘net’ or ‘lift’ shot.
Reps and Sets:
5 Repetitions per side. Hold for 15s during each lunge. 2 sets in total. Rest 1 minute in between each sets.
1) In a push up position
2) Bring one leg forward and place it next to your hand (Or slightly further)
3) In this position, ‘push’ hips forward and hold for 15s
4) Repeat 5 times per leg
Note: Start off gently & stay relaxed by breathing during the stretch.
While working on strength and power, this simple exercise also gives a gentle stretch on the hamstrings
Reps and Sets: 
5-8 jumps per leg, 3 sets in total. Rest 2 mins between sets.
1) In lunge position
2) Push off the ground vertically with the lead leg
3) Switch the sequence of the legs and land gently
4) Repeat for 5-8 repetitions per leg
Note: Keep torso firm and stable and land gently after each jump. Switch the sequence of the legs during the jump, i.e. Lead leg will become trail leg during landing. For beginners, attempt exercise with caution and complete one jump at a time. Progress to doing it continuously.
Only if you start today, will you be able to benefit from your training tomorrow. Some people are motivated by goals as they feel like they are moving towards a destination. Check out our calendar for competitions you can enter!
If fitness is not an issue for you and you need to boost your skills and technical ability in the game. Look for a coach! Crazybadman provides a list of badminton coaches segmented by estates, you can easily find a good coach near you. Check out our listing here.
Not satisfied with just four bodyweight exercises and you want guidance in your training? Perhaps getting a speed coach would be the solution for you. It just so happens, we know a great guy! Check out his programmes here:
Whatever the reason, start today!
Which exercise are you going to do and why?


Written by Crazybadman

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