A Guide To Curb Your Late Night Snacking

Every athlete aspires to be the best and more often than not it comes with some sacrifices. Having to eat healthier, bulk up and of course cutting that late night snacking habit which is often the most difficult. Sometimes we justify that munching on something small every once in awhile is no big deal. But do that 7 days in a row, it will add up. 

People snack for a multitude of reasons with the three most common being; they are actually hungry, they are bored and of course, when they are stressed, which unfortunately happens very often in Singapore.

Here are some simple tips for you to experiment as you try and curb that late night snacking:

  1. Eat regular meals through the day
    If you are trying to lose weight, remember to never totally deprive yourself. Your stomach will get back at you. There is no point skipping dinner because you’ll end up just being hungry and eventually succumb to eating after. Dinner is a meal that is hard to avoid especially after a long day. Try eating more frequently, it helps.

  2. Load that Protein & Fiber
    Eat loads of protein & fiber at dinner. Research has shown that protein & fiber have the greatest staying power in keeping hunger at bay. FYI, soluble fiber stabilizes blood sugar levels and reduces the likelihood of you craving sugary treats at night.
  3. Sip it, not snack it
    More than half the people who snack eat out of habit and are not really hungry. Keep a glass of warm water or tea close to you and sip it whenever you have the urge to snack. It wont be what you are craving for, but it’ll definitely fill your stomach and possibly end your craving.
  4. Avoid snacking hobbies & keep yourself busy
    Unwinding on your couch after a long day might be the only thing you want to do. But if you’re always used to holding a remote in one hand and a tub of ice cream in the other, it might be a tough routine to break. So, distract yourself. Take the dog for a walk, read a good book or take a hot bath. If you really need a night on the couch, keep your hands busy. You’ll be less likely to reach out for snacks this way.
  5. Make it Known.
    Alas, peer pressure is the one thing that’s hard to avoid. Share your goal with your friends & create the best environment for yourself. Like it or not, your willpower is so strong. If you family stocks your house with tons of junk food or if your friends constantly ring you up for supper it’s practically impossible to control your diet.
  6. In with the Healthy & out with the Junk
    Of course eating healthy helps. But personally, just knowing that the food in my fridge doesn't include ice cream or cakes has reduced my likelihood of snacking at night. I woud rather let my stomach growl than eat celery sticks.

  7. Brush your teeth early
    It’s the little things that add up. Now, I brush my teeth two hours before going to bed and I’ve found that having a “clean mouth” feeling and knowing that if I eat, I’ll have to brush it again, has helped curb my urge especially on those lazy days.

I hope this helps. If you still find the need to snack, print this out & post this on your wall. It might help a little.


Written by Natasha Tan

Natasha is currently studying in Nanyang Technological University. She is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing as well as being a spectator. She aims to provide our readers with more information about nutrition and fitness. 

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