Ten-pin Bowling is both a competitive sport and a leisure sport where a player rolls a bowling ball down a wooden or synthetic lane. The main objective of the games is to knock down as many pins as possible on each throw. Each game of bowling is made up of 10 frames and each frame entitles the bowlers up to two attempts to knock all 10 pins. If all pins have been knocked down on the first ball of a frame it is known as a strike and if all pins have been knocked down after the second ball, it is known as a spare. If not all pins are knocked down after the second throw of the frame, it is known as an open frame. Singapore is one of the top nations in bowling having produced several world champions. There are leagues available daily Island wide both at the leisure and competitive level.

Tip: Bowling ball weight is an important factor when you bowl. It is recommended to choose a lighter ball weight to start with as opposed to a heavier weight ball because it is easier to handle. Ball weights range from 6lbs to 16lbs. Another factor to consider when selecting your bowling ball is the fitting. Ensure that your fingers and thumb fit into the hole.

Fun Fact - Singapore has groomed multiple world champions in the sport

Fun fact -The first bowling balls were made of wood until the early 1900s


The number of pins knocked over in each frame is recorded and a running total is made as each frame progresses. The player with the highest score at the conclusion of the game wins the match. Scores can be greater than the actual number of pins knocked over if strikes or spares are bowled. (Click here for more)

For a strike, rather than a score of 10 for the frame, the player's score will be 10 plus the total pins knocked down on the next two rolls in the next frame(s). For a spare, the player's score for that frame will be 10 plus the number of pins knocked down on the first roll in the next frame. A player who rolls a spare or strike in the last frame is given one or two more rolls to score additional points, respectively.

Two consecutive strikes are known as a "double". Three consecutive strikes are known as a "turkey." Four consecutive strikes are known as a "four bagger" with a new name given for every additional consecutive strike. A perfect game consists of 12 consecutive strikes, one for every frame and two more on the extra rolls in the 10th, and results in a score of 300.It is the maximum score that can be achieved. A clean game is filling every frame with either a spare or a strike.

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Here are a few tips to get you started.


Bowling does not have a strict dress code. However, wearing the wrong clothes and shoes to a bowling alley may hurt your bowling game or even prevent you from bowling.

  • Loose clothings are recommended
  • Pair of socks

(Only proper bowling shoes are allowed on the lanes)


  • Bowling Ball (available for rentals - free when you bowl)
  • Bowling Shoe (available for rental – price range from $0-$2)
  • Additional stuff
  • Bowling bags
  • Wrist guard/ Wrist support
  • Towel
  • Ball cleaner
  • Bowling accessories – Tapes, skin patch, hand conditioner