When it comes down to exercising, running is the overall champion for getting into shape. One of the greatest things about running is that anybody can do it; no practice, or fancy techniques needed. Running is a great way to get your cardio, endurance, and metabolism up and lose weight.

As a general rule of thumb, running one mile will burn about 100 calories. Don’t worry too much about the speed in which you are running, as a seven-minute mile burns approximately the same number of calories as a ten-minute mile, but will negatively affect your endurance. And don’t be discouraged in thinking that 100 calories per mile is not enough! Compared to other forms of exercise, burning 100 calories in under ten minutes is near-impossible.


Fun Fact - The first recorded olympic running games took place in 776 BCE.

Fun Fact - Track lanes are 1.22metres wide


Start running today!
Here are some tips to get you started.

Things you will need

  • Get a good pair of running shoes: This is essential in making sure that you will not injure your feet, joints, muscles, legs, while you run. Uncomfortable shoes can directly hinder your desire to go on a run as well, and could even prevent you from running in the future. Go to any athletic shoe store and seek advice from a sports personnel to make sure you pick a shoe that is right for your foot.
  • Plan a regular route, mileage, time, or some other measurable goal: To stay motivated and keep track of your progress, pick a weekly goal that is challenging, but still attainable. This goal should be dependent on your current level of fitness. If you can only run half a mile, aim for completing a full mile. If you have never run before, try running for as long as you can and then add one minute onto that for your goal time. If you usually only run once a week, try committing to running twice a week.
  • Get pumped! Attitude is a big part of the fitness battle, and is almost as important as the exercising itself. Get excited for every run (even if you find it difficult), because every step you take is literally another step towards getting in shape. Music is a great running companion, so update your running playlist to get pumped up and ready to run.