• Leandro Ataides: 5 Time BJJ World Champion & Champion MMA Fighter

    A great sense of humour, a friendly disposition and a welcoming smile was what I would describe of Leandro Ataides after having had a chance to spend some time with him. Though he may be known as one of the deadliest middleweight MMA fighters, behind the scenes, some have described him as one of the most awesome guys.  

    By Chelza Chong
  • Kirstie Gannaway: The Hot Chick that Packs a Punch

    MMA fever is finally starting to heat up with ONE FC's Battle of the Lions happening on 7 November. This week, we bring you up close and personal to the pro fighter who also happens to be a graphic designer by night, Kirstie Gannaway

    By Chelza Chong
  • Think Tennis Is Hard? Watch This Group Of Amazing Blind Tennis Players

    When There's A Will, There's A Way. If you've played tennis at least once, you'll know it's definitely not the easiest of games. So, imagine having to do it without sight. Meet Wei Lian, Wai Yee, Steady, Hock Bee, Ivni & their friends

  • Journey of a Champion: Shayna Ng

    Started from the bottom now she's here. Champions are few and rare. The road to the top is often a lonely one.

  • RunSohFast: Breaking the 41-year-old 10,000m national record

    Dare to be different, everything starts with a dream. This is something that comes to mind when speaking to national 10,000m record holder, two-time national cross-country champion , World Half Marathon Championship competitor & national athlete Soh Rui Yong.

  • The Valuable Lessons Sports Taught Me About Life

    Does sports really help you in life? Thats the question I'm asked many times & my answer is and will always be the same

  • 7 Perks of being a National Badminton Athlete

    Always wondered what the life of being a national athlete is like? We catch up with 

  • Getting to know #MiloGirl: Amanda Lim "I Love Truffle Fries"

    Don't judge a book by the cover. Amanda Lim might be a swim star by day but everyone ...

  • Whose Dreams Are They Living?

    An athlete's perspective on overbearing parents: 2014 Sportswoman of the year Shayna Ng shares her views

  • May Ooi: From Olympics & Medical School to MMA Fighter

    “Pursue your dreams, don’t be afraid to do that" The lady who never stopped chasing her dreams

  • Against All Odds: Never Give Up

    After bowling for 15 years, read about how Vincent Lim, a Bowling coach, became the first Singaporean to bring home the 47th Singapore Intl Open title since 2006.

  • Up-close with the stars of Evolve Fight Team

    Find out how the fighters of Asia's most decorated fighting team, MMA stars Butler, Pucci & Rahman prepare for their upcoming One FC bout in May!  

  • Love Story of our National Shuttlers

    Find out what keeps Derek and Vanessa's 7-year relationship strong.

  • Riding the Waves with Sasha Christian

    Uncovering the less common sports in Singapore. (Water edition)

  • Going Beyond Gravity with Adriel Choo

    Climbing as a sport. Follow the SportSanity team as we go deep in to uncover the lesser known sports in Singapore (Heights edition)

  • Sports For A Cause

    Read about how Tingjun, co-founder of The Chain Reaction Project, goes the extra mile to make an impact on the world through sports

  • “Run without fear, live without regrets”

    Find out more about Singapore's very own blade runner Mohammad Shariff Abdullah as we take you through his journey

  • Life after Sports

    Curious about what happens to our elite athletes after they retire from their sporting career?

  • Georgina Poh (@sugarrandspice) #instafitness #motivation

    Enter the world of fitness enthusiasts, and how they use social media to inspire others.

  • Professional fighter, Royston Wee, shares what's in his bag

    Curious as to what Royston keeps in that bag of his?