• 5 Easy Ways to Stay Fit Despite Busy Schedule

    In our busy lives, many may find it hard to keep fit. Long work days, lengthy commutes, social or family commitments, makes it tricky to stick to a proper training regime. What are some ways you can fit exercise around your life?

    By Joshua Ang
  • Prevention & Maintenance – A guide to getting more out of your sport! (Episode #1)

    As an active individual getting injured is a real concern. Sprains, strains, tendonitis, and even broken bones are all consequences of living an active and athletic lifestyle. Fortunately, with the right knowledge and preparation, many injuries can be efficiently dealt with or prevented all together. How impactful can these unintended injuries...

    By International Fitness Consultants (IFC | PT)
  • #OneTeamSG Athlete, Cheng Jian Huan (Episode 1)

    In this first episode of the #OurTeamSG Athlete series, we will meet Team Singapore Shooter, Chen Jian Huan. Get to know how she got into the sport, how she feels about the upcoming SEA Games, and in the fun quickfire questions segment, what's her favourite cartoon growing up, and more!

    By Dylan Mah
  • Do You Know - The Sam Willows Were Ex-Athletes?

    The Sam Willows is one of Singapore's most successful pop band, but little did we know that The Sam Willows used to be ex athletes! One must then wonder, how do they feel about singing the SEA Games Songs of the Games? Do they have any personal experiences with the past SEA games? Well, stop cracking your brains out and let me fill you...

    By Chelza Chong
  • Former Asian Champion Excels in Life After Sports

    Ex-National Athlete, Carl De Vries, represented Singapore Bowling for 12 good years. "Since then, after my Bachelor's, I have found a way to pay my dues back to the local sporting scene by working with young local athletes. Helping them improve in their sport and perform better, seeing them win and fulfil their goals was my way....

    By Joy Xie & Debbie
  • U Sports KeepFit! 2015 KpopX Fitness Edition

    Thick eyeliners, attention-grabbing costumes, attractive and model-like youths, these are the images that would immediately cross our minds when we think of Kpop, especially for its dances. Yet, these are all just stereotypical perceptions of Kpop dances. You would be surprised to know that Kpop dances are not only suited for people for all...

    By Chelza Chong
  • Athlete Beyond Sport - Yao Peng the Foodie

    Today, we caught up with Lim Yao Peng, a Team Singapore athlete in Track & Field. While being an excellent athlete, he also has a passion that resonates with many Singaporeans – food. Find out his one simple formula of shedding those extra kilos after the festive period, how he started his food blog, Lepak with Yaops, and in our fun...

    By Dylan Mah
  • 5 Reasons to Join the Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2015

    With the plethora of both local and international races organized nowadays, we cannot deny that it is hard for us to decide which are the most suitable, fun or challenging ones for us to join each year. So, what is this must - join race for the year? Follow me through as I give you the Top 5 reasons on why you should be a part of this race!

    By Chelza Chong
  • 90 Days to SEA Games 2015: A Review of the #OneTeamSG Rally

    Red was the colour of Orchard Road last Saturday evening. In case you missed the sight, masses of Singaporeans joined in the “One Team Singapore” Rally, the call to support our national athletes in the upcoming 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, when they compete against the region’s best athletes in 36 sports between 5 –...

    By Dylan Mah
  • KpopX Fitness... The New Cool?

    Dislike boring exercising routines? Not a fan of the usual cardio exercises like running? Love the idea of combining music with simple exercises? Well, Kpopx Fitness is the right fit for you!

    By Alicia Ho & Chelza Chong
  • Prepping Your Hair for a Workout

    Who said you can't work out and look good all at the same time? Preparing your hair is an important part of a workout if you intent to work out efficiently. Here are some tips for short, medium and long hair..

    By Joy Xie
  • A Respite from Repetition? None Needed!

    For sports that involves mainly repetitive movements, prevention is better than cure! Here are some strategies to cope with injury management.

    By Jeremy Sng
  • 7 Fitness Hacks Everyone Should Know

    Wonder why some people seem to progress faster while you're not? Well, here are some hacks/ secrets that everyone should know to start scheduling and working your year right!

    By Joy Xie
  • Safari Zoo Run 2015 – extraordinary sights, and smells to match

    Safari Zoo Run set in Mandai, home to the fifth entrant on a list of best zoos in the world, takes you through 6 kilometres of a carefully-orchestrated mesh of animals. "I even found myself slowing down to catch a better glimpse of the tigers basking in the sun (of course, first checking that there wasn't anyone behind...

    By Jeremy Sng
  • 5 Sporty Date Ideas

    As some of you are cracking your head for a extraordinary Valentine's Day date, fret not! Instead of the usual meal after movie, why not try out some of these sporty dates?    

    By Joy Xie
  • The Pains Of A Weight Cut. Torture & Sacrifice

    Never really could understand what a weight cut meant? No it isn't just trying to lose weight, it's trying to make weight for a fight. A Martial Arts fight to be exact. Just like the sport itself, it isn't rainbows and butterflies but more like torture and sacrifice.

    By Joy Xie
  • It's Not All About The Greens......

    The first thing that comes to mind every time one thinks of a diet is Greens and when that pops up, trust me, it isn't a happy thought.Fun fact, healthy gourmet is not all about filling your bowl with greens and here are 4 alternative recipes to a healthier life!  

    By Alicia Ho
  • "To Have A Purpose For Doing The Things You Love" - Sayidah Aisyah

    2013 SEA Games Gold Medalist Sayidah Aisyah catapulted herself and Singapore Rowing into the spotlight and more importantly into the hearts of Singaporeans when Singapore's only competitive female rower clinched a historic gold in the rowing event. 

    By Charity Chan
  • Changing The Way You Eat

    No one has to be unhappy about the way they eat unless of course the way your diet has evolved has caused problems related to health, social issues and personal issues. I emphasise the first sentence because I believe (like the rest of the professional coaches out there), that diet shouldn't be restricted unless you are a full-time body...

    By Joy Xie
  • 10 Christmas Gifts For The Runner/ Cyclist Who....

    Tired of cracking your brain deciding what to get for your runner friend?! Fret no more, we are here to save you! Say goodbye to simply buying a pair of running shorts, socks or even a t shirt for him. There's actually many more fun and interesting things out there.

    By Jeremy Sng