Your 10 min Workout On The Go Guide

By Joy Xie
With only 24 hours a day and so many responsibilities on our hands, finding time and effort to execute a good 10 minute workout without sufficient knowledge on fitness might seem impossible.
In actual fact, it isn't.
So you may wonder, what can one possibly achieve in 10 minutes? 
Of course, Disclaimer *this 10 minute workout will not give you your six-pack rock-hard abs but I assure you that this daily workout will definitely help you feel more energetic throughout the day once you get into the habit of things.
Minute 1-3 
Gear Up Right (Optional: Change of Clothes, Yoga Mat, Timer, Music) and Start Warming Up!
Unlike the popular myth, a sufficient warm-up doesn't need 20 minutes of your time. 
Thanks to the knowledge of dynamic warm-up, we now know that we can warm-up and loosen up our muscles more efficiently since we are on a time-schedule here.
Here are some of my favorite dynamic warm-up moves;
1. Jumping Jacks and High-knees - Get at least 10 of each in.
2. Shuffle front, back and side-to side while keeping your hands up for jabs and crosses (boxing terms for left and right punches) - 2 sets in 4 directions each.
3. Figure 8 Arm Swings in clockwise and anti-clockwise movement - Get 5 swings each direction on each arm.
4. Side Kicks - Simply kick one side and rotate your body the other side as if you're swinging a real-hard soccer kick. Do at least ten times on each leg.
Minute 3-8
Get Serious and Kill it in these 5 Minutes
Here I have planned three sets of one minute workout with two one-minute breaks in-between each set/ 1 minute workout - 1 minute break - 1 minute workout - 1 minute break - 1 minute workout
You may wish to purchase an afforadable kitchen timer from Daiso at $2 and set it at 1 minute intervals/ simply use your smartphone to do so.
(Photo Credits : Xavvy-licious)
Level 1 Beginner: Form before Fitnesse!/ Still aching from your last workout
5 deep squats - Always keep those knees facing front!
10 sit-ups
2 front and back shoulder rotations before 5 push-ups
4 side lunges, kicking your heel to your butt as you lift your body
(Photo Credits:
Level 2 Intermediate: Form is done, let's switch things up a bit!/ Feeling alright
3 deep squats with half squats before every rise.
8 sit-ups, twisting to either right or left while rising.
6 tap push-ups - Do three, rotate and rest quickly and do the other three. Tap your shoulders alternatively and quickly start the next push-up.
2 Sets of - Two Jump Squats, deep lunge to each side.
(Photo Credits: Starting Strength)
Level 3 Expert: Confident Fitness Level/ Slightly pumped than usual
3 burpees combined with push-ups and tuck-jumps
2 sets of - 2 sit-ups, 4 bicycle crunches, 2 V sit-ups
Plank while looking straight ahead with alternate hands and legs are stretched as much vertically as possible till the timer beeps. 
Since this workout has three sets, leave the last set to normal planking.
Feel free to print these out in A4 each and work that sweat off with your buddy!
Minute 9-10
Cool Down 
You can cool down in whichever way you feel. Most importantly, stretch, especially in the areas which you know you will get sore for sure. If you don't, know very well that you will feel some soreness in your arms, your upper ab if you're doing level 1 and 2 mostly and lower ab if you're on level 3 most of the time. Also, you will find that the area below your bottom or your glutes may feel sore and slighly numb if you're getting your lunges right. You may wish to hold on to some weights and change it up to dead-lifts if you're space-constrained. 
In the last two minutes, really make sure that you really stretch your muscles out and leave no space for "knots" so that you can go at it again the next day or the day after. 
You may use a tennis ball under and put your weight on it as you roll your muscles in a slow and steady motion.
Stretch your glutes, your back and your spine wiith the lizard stretch, regulate your breathing and give yourself a pat on the back as you clear your workout gears.

(Photo Credits: Kristin Mcgee)
If you feel that you're neglecting your form to achieve the numbers, reduce the numbers accordingly.
Good Luck & Have Fun!
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