Workout On The Go

Too busy with work or life but dying to exercise? We feel you, the growing pains of the 21st century. Don’t worry, whether you are actually exercising or just going around doing those mundane things in your daily life, you are actually still burning calories.The scientific name for it is non- exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). Althought we might not be working up a sweat while shopping or doing housework, every minute spent off the couch is another step towards good health.

So the question would be can I burn more calories than I currently am while going about my everyday life? The answer is YES! Here are 10 simple things you could improvise into your daily routine to keep yourself somewhat fit even if you are way too busy. Sometimes, it is the little things that go the longest way.


  • Get out of bed and give me 20 – Putting aside a couple of minutes to do 20 crunches and pushups on the floor when you wake up doesn’t take long and helps you get the day started right. If you’re not able to go near the gym that day, at least you managed to get some exercise in.
  • Rely more on your legs and less on transport vehicles. If you drive, park your car furthest away from the entrance while if you take the bus, get off one stop earlier to walk. If you want to be slightly more extreme, you can try cycling to work. You get to save on transport while you’re at it.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator when you go to work in the morning. Taking the stairs burns more calories per minute than jogging
  • Be less reliant on technology to communicate – If you are at your office, instead of calling, texting or emailing your colleague, walk over to chat instead.  You’ll find that you might actually achieve more as quick in-person meetings are normally more effective. Don’t forget theres the reward of burning a few calories while you are at it
  • Take a walk break – Walk around your office, go for a coffee or toilet break. Walking is great for the heart, helps relieve stress and manage weight gain. You might actually be more productive after the walk.
  • Sit tight and flex – If you cant spare the time to walk around, flex while you are at your desk. Even the simplest of streches helps contribute to burning your calories. Heres a quick article on exercises you can do at your desk.
  • Stand and flex- While you are waiting in line to buy food groceries or at the bank, flex your abs for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. It helps make the time pass a little faster and it’s a easy and quick way to work on your core without anyone judging you.
  • Speed walk your errands – My personal favourite. Instead of strolling while doing your errands or going for a meeting, try walking abit faster and you’ll get things done faster and burn more calories too. What a bargain.
  • Walk the longer way – Always try to take the longer way whereever you are going. Don’t worry, throw in the speed walking and you’re back on the same pace with everyone else
  • Turn your housework into an exercise – Vacuuming, sweaping, scrubbing or cleaning the bathub are some household chores that burn some calories. Throw in the tunes and you get a few extra calories out of it.

As you can see, none of the tips I am sharing here are earth shattering. In fact,  almost of all them can be started on immediately and at no additional cost. If you think doing all at once might be too overwhelming foryou, try out the tips that seem most realistic to you and once you’ve matered them, you can consider adding on others. Do note that while the activities I suggested all have low to moderate intensity, do speak to a doctor if you have any health concerns before increasing your physical activity levels.


Written by Natasha Tan

Natasha is currently studying in Nanyang Technological University. She is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing as well as being a spectator. She aims to provide our readers with more information about nutrition and fitness. 

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