Who Says Elite Athletes Don't Have Time For Love?

By Tay Yu Shan

Whoever says elite athletes don't have time for love was so wrong. Sometimes the right one you are looking for might just be around you. One such example are former Team Singapore Wushu members, Tay Yu Juan (National Team ’04 –‘11) and Goh Qiu Bin (national team ’97 – ‘08), who have been together since 2011. For those who are unfamiliar with the sport, it is a form of Chinese martial arts and is headed by the Singapore National Wushu Foundation. We spoke to both of them to find out more about the how they have been and how they manage to handle both their sports and relationships so well.


1.How did you first get to know each other?

QB: I first noticed her at a performance that we were both involved in. Her hair was like a lion dance (back then)

YJ: I did not know him then. I was still in secondary one at that time. It was only when I got into the national team in 2004 that we started getting to know each other better. He was my senior by a few years.


2.What are some of the benefits of having a boyfriend in the same sport?

YJ: I would say that we are able to relate to each other better. It helps to be in the same sport as it is easier to talk about our experiences. We have a few mutual friends that we hang out together with.


3.Would you say that QB helped you to perform better, including achieving Gold at the World Championships and 2 SEA Games gold medals?

YJ: Yes, he is able to share his experience as he has gone through several competitions before. It helps to give me a sense of assurance. However, there are some differences. QB does Taiji whereas I am in Duilian. Mine is fast and furious whereas his is slow and steady.

QB: I can help to point out her mistakes as the foundation is still the same.

4.What are some of the things you enjoy doing together?

We enjoy eating together, QB is a vegetarian so when I first started dating him I was actually fascinated by different types of vegetarian food as he slowly introduced them to me.  We enjoy nature too, so we enjoy going to places which are closer to nature. We also like to travel and sightsee so we would like to do more hiking/trekking activities in future when time permits.


5.Do you still compete in Wushu?

Nope, we are now more focused on our careers. We still love the sport and are happy to see that our juniors are doing well. We wish them all the best for the upcoming SEA Games which will be held in Singapore, our own home ground after 12 years!




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