U Sports KeepFit! 2015 KpopX Fitness Edition

By Chelza Chong

Thick eyeliners, attention-grabbing costumes, attractive and model-like youths, these are the images that would immediately cross our minds when we think of Kpop, especially for its dances. Yet, these are all just stereotypical perceptions of Kpop dances. You would be surprised to know that Kpop dances are not only suited for people for all ages and interests, but also, can be tailored to be a really intensive workout that would allow one to sweat out buckets of perspiration. In fact, it is one that could bond anyone and everyone together! Sounds too good to be true? Well, if you do not believe me, allow me to bring you through last Saturday’s U Sports KeepFit! 2015 KpopX (http://www.truefitness.com.sg/classes/class-type-description)  Fitness Edition.

On the evening of 21st March 2015, whilst many of you were probably feasting away your weekends or out on a short vacation, hundreds of fitness enthusiasts were already gathered at the Lawn @ Marina Bay in high spirits and enthusiasm. Decked in bright pink or green T-shirts, participants were either taking selfies/wefies with the surrounding picturesque cityscapes or, grooving to the beat of the Kpop songs that were blasting out loud from the sound system. 

You might assume that this event was only for the Kpop fans, the dancers, the youths or the fitness junkies. Well, you are wrong. With a wide range of activities and services provided by the booths that are lined up along the Lawn @ Marina Bay, this event catered to people of all ages, all interests and both genders. For the fashionistas and beauty junkies there, they were pampered with makeup artistes who had given them the signature Kpop idol look- thick eyeliner and a pretty face. Also, a great event never neglects kids, do they? The same goes for this event! The Ngee Ann Polytechnic Korean Culture Club had organized various traditional Korean games for not only kids, but also, Kpop fans and people who are interested in the Korean culture, to play. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Anticipation and excitement sailed through the air and before we all knew it, the time for the highlight of the event has started. With a total of 11 True Fitness KpopX Fitness instructors on stage, the event kickstarted off with a light warm up before moving on to more intense and pumped- up songs. As a newbie for KpopX Fitness, I was afraid that I was unable to grasp any of the moves at all. Yet, with the clear demonstrations and explanations by the instructors, I felt that I was worrying for nothing. Well, if you are those that are shy about dancing, trust me, this event had so many things that will rob away this shyness of yours. Besides the overwhelming enthusiasm and passion of the participants, the friendliness and encouragement by the instructors will open up both your mind and heart. The joy, fun and energy exuded by both the participants and the instructors were so infectious that you will dance like you are the limelight of a party! After all, this event is like a dance party, isn’t it?

For those who thinks that KpopX Fitness is not an intense - enough workout, you are wrong! When the first half of the workout ended after an hour, I was perspiring like I had just ran 5km. Yes, 5km! Many participants were quenching their thirsts with both the isotonic and non - isotonic drinks provided at both ends of the Lawn @ Marina Bay whilst being entertained by the awesome performances by Ngee Ann Polytechnic Korean Culture Club.

Well, time always flies when we are enjoying ourselves and before we knew it, the enjoyable and fun-filled event was coming to an end. The workout ended with one last blasting song - G Dragon’s Crooked before we started cooling down. Yet, we were fortunate that the Instaprint booth was there for us to keep a physical piece of such a fun - filled and beautiful memory. All we had to do was to hashtag our pictures with #USportsKeepFit before posting them onto Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. With that, we can find our images at the booth and print them out! Besides, prizes were given out to various outstanding participants like “The Most Refreshing Look” award and so on.

Feeling a little envy yet regretful that you were not there with us last Saturday? Well, do not fret! You can always join one of the KpopX Fitness classes at True Fitness. In addition, do keep a lookout for future activities that will be organized by U Sports (http://www.usports.com.sg/events/keepfit-2015/) ! You will never want to miss out such a fun event again! After all, what can be more awesome than a night filled with health, music and smiles? Grab your slot the next time round as they do run out fast! 

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