Top 5 Race Etiquettes To Follow

By Chelza Chong

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At some point of our lives, many of us have heard of or practice some forms of etiquette - be it that for a social event, for a musical in a grand theatre or even, whilst we are dining at home. We practiced them so that we will be behaving appropriately under various situations without causing any misunderstandings or conflicts with others. To many of the experienced and veteran race participants, race etiquette is like their bibles to follow for each and every of the races that they have joined. However, to many beginners, this is something totally unheard of. Well, fret not. I will be listing the Top 5 Race Etiquettes for you to follow!


1.     Signal when you are about to stop.

Stopping halfway through your races? Be it to tie up your shoelaces, to stretch a little so as to ease your leg cramps, or even, due to the lack of stamina. Despite those being understandable situations, it would be tough for those behind you to not trip over or bump into you if you are stopping suddenly. Simply raise/wave your hand to signal to others that you are stopping. This would give them enough time to slow down their running paces a little or even, to “switch lanes”. It would also prevent accidents from happening to both you and the other race participants.

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2.     Do not sneak into another pen of another race category or wave timing.

Well, I believe many of us have encountered such situations for mostly, fun runs. Many of them are either lost and hence, have decided to just head to the pen that was nearer to the starting line or, are too excited and competitive to wait for their own wave timing or category to be flagged off. If you are lucky enough, you will have road marshals to ensure right wave timing or race category that you belong to. Yet, without fail, there will always be one or two lost sheeps for every fun run. It is important to stick to your race category as the runners in another category might have a different pacing or race strategy as compared to yours. Not only will you have a hard time keeping up with their pace, you will also get yourself unnecessarily exhausted.

What about wave timing then? Well, let’s face it. We need to respect the race participants who have put in their efforts to get a slot in the more ideal wave timings. Moreover, getting caught in the wrong pen will also disrupt the race with you exiting from a pen that is already packed with enthusiastic race participants. To ensure a smoother race, to maintain your pacing strategy and also, to avoid any conflicts, it is key for you to stick to the wave timing and race category that you do belong to.

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3.     Do not jam up the finishing point/line.

For many of the veteran and experienced race participants out there, we know that there will always be races that have narrower and less spacious finishing points. More often than not, there will always be people who will jam up those areas - be it to have a photo of themselves taken, to rest a little and so on. Be considerate - There are always competitive runners out there who are dashing across the finishing line to win a prize, to clock in their personal records and so on. My suggestion is to keep to one side of the race route if you have to pause and rest immediately. If you want a great photo of yourself taken, you can always do that after the race.

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4.     Be considerate.

Have you ever had isotonic drinks splattered onto your legs because someone did not dispose their cups properly? Have your shoes ever got spat on before? Have you ever nearly tripped over your own foot whilst trying to avoid being spat on? Well, it is important to dispose your cups properly after quenching your thirsts at the water stations. Not only can you prevent others from slipping due to a wet ground, you can also avoid having your drinks being splattered onto others. The same goes for those who have the habit of spitting halfway through the race to ensure a safe and neat race.

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5.     Keep your distance and remember your manners.

Races and fun runs have been such a trend in Singapore and some can be really packed and overwhelming. There are usually little spaces left in between the other runners and you. You will realized that even at the starting point itself, you are already busy apologizing for either tripping over others’ feet or stepping on them. I am not asking for a distance of an arm’s length but a distance that allows you to take a stride will do. Not only will this prevent accidents, it will also allow you to run more leisurely too. If you are about to take over another runner, please tap on his/her shoulders and let her know. We know some of us do shout “on your right/left” but many runners will be plugged in. No one likes being shoved by a runner or tripped over by another one. It is important to respect that others want to enjoy the race as much as you want to too.

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So, here are my top 5 race etiquettes for you guys. Though some might seem a little too troublesome for you to follow, we need to consider the fact that a little trouble goes a long way to make the race an enjoyable and pleasant one for each and every of us. Many races are coming up soon so I hope this is a great advice for you! 

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