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Swimming for the Nation – Up Close with Southeast Asia's Fastest Woman, Amanda Lim

You might have seen her picture plastered on the Milo tin or packets at the supermarket or in your home pantry. If you have not already heard of her, now is the time to find out more as the SportSanity team gets up close and personal with one of our nation’s top swimmer and our newest ambassador, Amanda Lim. We  find out more about her life in and out of the pool.

Amanda currently holds 6 national records and has represented Singapore in many prestigious swimming competitions such as SEA Games, Asian Games, Asian Youth Games, Youth Olympic Games, FINA/ARENA Swimming World Cup, World Championships and has made the nation proud by winning medals in some of these events. Her most recent accolade was defending her title as Southeast Asia's fastest woman as she swam to gold in the 50m freestyle for the third consecutive time in the recent Southeast Asia (SEA) and breaking her own SEA Games record along the way. Amanda is currently a first year student at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) pursuing a Degree in Sport Science and Management, and also a recipient of the E.W Barker Scholarship.


When did you start swimming?

I started flopping around the pool when I was 5. I suffered from asthma when I was younger and my family physician recommended to my parents that swimming lessons will help to strengthen my lungs and hopefully aid recovery. I have not stop swimming since. When I was 10, I won my first gold medal and that is when I started to take swimming seriously and was very sure that I wanted to be a competitive swimmer.


Could you share with us more of your swimming career?

My specialty is sprint freestyle. I got my first break in representing Singapore at 12 and broke my first national record at 13.


Congratulations on your achievements at the recent SEA Games.Your parents must be really proud of you!

Thanks. Yes, they have been my unrelenting source of encouragement during both the highs and lows of my career. I have been very fortunate in having constant support from my family, coaches, friends and other support staff. They have definitely contributed to my achievements and given me the motivation to perform better.


How does it feel to be part of the Team Singapore family?

I am proud to be a Team Singapore athlete. I feel honored and prideful every time I stand on the podium and witness the Singapore flag flying high and singing the national anthem. This is one of the greatest motivating factors to continue my pursuit of higher goals. Throughout my successes, there would be moments where I feel very emotional and feel that my hard work paid off.  I am just glad that I am able to share such moments with my friends and family.


Any interesting facts to share with the readers and your fans out there?

If I am not an athlete, I would like to be a medical student. Another interesting fact that most people would probably not know about me is that I am a perfectionist and have Obsessive Compulsory Disorder (OCD).


What is your favorite Dish?

My favorite local dish is Kway Chap because it is just awesome.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to hang out at home or go for staycations. During the week, I am constantly rushing to school and trainings so whenever I have free time, I prefer to relax and take it slow.


We see you’ve just begun your first year at University, has it been tough balancing your studies and your competitive swimming commitments?

Yes, it is. On a weekly basis, besides going for lectures, I have to attend daily training sessions and this takes up about 20 hours of my week, leaving me little time to study. My competitive swimming commitments also require me to travel overseas for competitions and to attend training camps. I missed a lot of classes. It definitely has been tough at times and I often have to plan far ahead so that I can balance both my swimming and studies’ commitments. It is all about good planning and discipline.


Share with us one of the pressures you face being the face of Singapore.

I am constantly worried about letting my country down


What keeps you motivated?

I love pushing myself to the limits and taking up new challenges. Everyday, I constantly tell myself that I can excel if I put my heart to anything.


So what is the success formula that has helped you to get to where you are today? Any tips for aspiring national athletes?

"If it is to be, it is up to me"


Where do you see yourself in five years time?

I see myself continuously pursue my passion in swimming, representing my country and flying the National flag high.


What are the three most important things to you?

Spending time with my loved ones,

enjoying my swim trainings and competitions and

finding time to unwind and relax for recharging


The SportSanity team would like to send our heartiest congratulations to Amanda on her achievements at the recent Sea Games. We wish her continued success as she continues to scale new heights in her swimming career.Check back in for more updates on her as we head into the new year.












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