Professional fighter, Royston Wee, shares what's in his bag


With the current hype about Singapore’s very own UFC fighter Royston Wee, the SportSanity team decided to try to contact him to ask if we could  have a quick chat with him. Lucky for us, Royston is a gentleman and agreed to give us an interview.

We met Royston just after he came back from a holiday in Taiwan where he finally got some downtime after being on a hectic training regime before the fight. Happily drinking his Oolong Macchiato from Koi, he confesses that he will not be able to be drinking this for some time because he has to watch his diet.


Now time to find out what is in his bag!

1.     3rd Generation iPad – An essential for him, he uses it for music, movies, fights, social media, web surfing, and to play games (if you are wondering what kind of games he enjoys, he revealed to us that he is currently playing Clash of the Clans, go check it out!) The cute teddy bear sticker on the front of the iPad perhaps shows us his softer side?

2.     Razer Kraken Forged Edition Headphones – They are his first pair of headphones which Razer gave to him. He uses it for music and when he watches fights as he says when he puts it on, he can’t hear anything else.

3.     A Fighter’s Heart – Royston always keeps a book in his bag wherever he goes and this is his current read! The book is about the experience of a fighter, and most of his other books are along the same line, about philosophy and life. Who knows? Royston may write his own in the future!

4.     Compression Tights - He likes to train with compression tights as it is more comfortable. If you have never tried compression before, you will feel a huge difference. This is a little tip for all you MMA fighters out there, maybe its time to get a pair!

5.     iPhone 5 –  He uses it for everything, similar to his iPad but with his phone he can use Whatsapp and message his friends and family. His iPhone cover is also proudly sponsored by Razer Inc.!

6.     Prada wallet – Another of his essentials for him to keep all his money and cards!


Royston has been doing MMA for 6 years and actually had the intention of stopping and doing something else. He wanted to interview for a position as an air steward at Singapore Airlines, but when he was about to do so, he received offers to fight. Well, aren’t we glad he took up those offers? Or we may not have someone represent our country in the UFC!

We also noticed that he had a bandage above his left eyebrow, and he told us he got cut yesterday while wrestling and had to go to the hospital, it looked really painful but he just laughed it off and said it was part of the package.

I think it is safe to say that many of us will be looking forward to watching him in his next match! 

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