Prevention & Maintenance – A guide to getting more out of your sport! (Episode #1)

By International Fitness Consultants (IFC | PT)

As an active individual getting injured is a real concern. Injuries can prevent you from training, halt or reverse progress, even cause you a whole lot of pain. Fortunately, with the right knowledge and preparation, many injuries can be prevented or worst-case scenario, efficiently dealt with to minimize the down time.


Some guidelines for staying injury free

·      Identify faulty movement patterns

·      Ensure the right muscles are firing during specific exercises

·      Develop the perfect warm-up and cool down for your activity

·      Follow a progressive, well planned program

·      Listen to pain, if you think there might a looming problem have a sports orientated physiotherapist assess you



Here at IFC we have put together a team of professionals who can assess you pre-training to create the perfect plan.


Our team consists of

·      Sports Masseuses

·      Sports Therapists

·      Strength and conditioning coaches

·      Clinical Pilates instructors

·      Sports Scientists

·      Personal Trainers

·      Physiotherapists

Over the next few months we will be releasing a series of articles written by our companies specialists looking at how you can achieve the perfect balance between improving your performance and keeping injuries at bay.

For further information check out our website at, drop an email to or give us a call on +65 9431 7880/+65 9821 1222.

Look better, feel better, live better.

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