#OOTW: Taking Advantage of the Decathlon Sale

GSS 2014 going into its final stretch so we thought why not pick two of our favourite outfits for the ladies from the Decathlon Sale. If you haven't been shopping, now's the time to stock up your closet so you'll be ready for the gym. At super good prices, you don't have to worry, it will hardly cause a dent in your wallet. Who says you cant look good on a budget?!

Head to the gym with a completely brand new gym attire for less than $120. Channel the summer spirit with bright outfits & breathable wear that will keep you cool while you're working it out!
1) KALENJI Kiprun Women's Running Tank Top Blue, $26.60 ( 30% off original price of $38.00)
2) KALENJI Eliorun Women's Running Shorts, Green Grey, $15.30 ( 15% off original price of $18)
3) DOMYOS Supportiv Sports Bra Pink, $19.90 (Non- Sale item)
4) KALENJI Eliofeet Women's Shoe Grey/Pink, $36.70 ( 50% off original price of $73.40)
5) DOMYOS Cotton Bag, Small [ Fit & Go ], $21.90 (Non-Sale item)
Total outfit cost: $ 120.40
Done with your workout? We've got you covered for your after look! Best part, it's less than half of outfit 1.

1) DOMYOS Women's T-shirt, Grey, $6.95 ( 50% off original price of $13.90)

2) TRIBORD Boardshorts [Court/Prisma], $6.30 ( 50% off original price of $12.70)

3) NEWFEEL Pocket Collapsible Backpack, Pink, $6.71 ( 15% off original price of $7.90)

4) GEONAUTE Swip S Analog Watch, $17.77 (15% off original price of $20.90)

5) NEWFEEL Many Ballerina Pumps [Grey/Pink], $12.75 (15% off original price of $15.00)

Total outfit cost: $50.40

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