Getting to know #MiloGirl: Amanda Lim "I Love Truffle Fries"

Don't judge a book by the cover. Amanda Lim might be a swim star by day but everyone has their little weird habits & behaviours . We check in with her & manage to convince her to share with us 10 things about her "of course apart from being a swimstar & a #rolemodel" Here's what she has to say. We also managed to find some photos to keep it a tad bit more interesting. ENJOY! No offense, Amanda :)

  1. I have an OCD. I wash my hands ALOT I feel the need to wash my hands at all times even when I'm in the middle of training

    (Photo credits: Adrian Seetho)
    Don't worry we do believe when she meant wash, it included soap and not just chlorine.
  2. I cannot stand fingerprints or handprints especially on my car windows or my laptop screen. Althought it might seem harmless, it's kind of  the one thing that always frustrates me really bad.
  3. The interior of my car must always be neat and tidy. I pack my car after every drive.
  4. I do not like to do things half way, in terms of schoolwork, goals, basically everything. Once I start, I cant seem to stop till I'm done. Maybe that's why I'm aging faster than I should be.
  5. I need to crack my back every night before I sleep
  6. I am OBSESSED with Electronic Dance Music (EDM), I listen to it at all opportunities. I rely on it to keep me pumped up all day.

    (Photo credits: Amanda Lim)

  7. "Coffee is a must" I try to have it once a day, sometimes I wonder what I'll do without it"
  8. "Whenever I go to a cafe, the one thing I'll always order regardless is Truffle Fries and a cuppa Flat White." If I didn’t have to worry about my food intake, I'll be eating them all day err day


    (Photo credits: Amanda Lim)

  9. I love CATS especially my pet cat Ralphy

    (Photo credits: Amanda Lim)


  10. Beneath the strong and stern front and often being called the fastest women in Southeast Asia, is actually a very needy and sensitive 21 year old! “ I guess I can hide my feelings and emotions well and only people close to me knows what is actually going in my life. “ 

The SportSanity Team would like to thank her for her time & we send her our best wishes at the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Written by Kristel Oh

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