Choosing The Right Floorball Stick For You

Can't decide which floorball stick to buy or just want to find out more before you make your next purchase? You've come to the right place.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through that process!


1) What length should I choose?

The most common mistake when people buy sticks are the length. Sticks range in length from 60cm to 102 cm. A good rule of thumb is that the stick should be up to your navel but just to be sure, following the chart below would be better.

Length (cm)     Stick

185-                 100 cm

175-185            95 cm

165-175            91/92 cm

155-165            85/87 cm         

145-155            80 cm

135-145            75 cm

125-135            70 cm

115-125            65cm

105-115            60cm



Which stick should I choose?

Two things to note about a stick - Shaft & Blade

The stiffness (flex) of the shaft can normally be found on the shaft itself. The least flexible is 23mm and from there it goes up gradually to at least 35mm. The most expensive shafts are made of carbon fiber or High Modulus Graphite & the shaft is one of the biggest factors that affects the pricing of a stick.

All suppliers have several different blades to choose from, that’s good but does not assist in your purchase decision making. A lot is based on personal taste. What separates the blades amongst other things is the curve/bowl and also the gradient of how much of the blade goes against the floor. Today most suppliers are using a term called max gradient. There are regulations of how the blades are allowed to look like and also the size and gradient. Mostly there are at least three levels of hardness; soft, medium or hard. A blade should be changed at least once per year because it gets softer and wears out with all the friction towards the floor.

An important question to ask yourself when deciding on a blade is what kind of player are you? A skilled passer should choose a blade with “less curve” in order to easier make direct passes and to have less spin on the ball (bigger curve gives more spin). A person that wants to shoot a lot should choose a deeper curve/bowl to add more speed to the ball. Always choose a softer shaft for juniors or women. A softer shaft gives increased control and better handling of the ball. Ask always the salesperson for advice!

Soft Blade                               Hard blade
- Easier to control the ball      - Less control of the ball
- Harder to shoot                     - Easier to shoot (if you know how! ; not for juniors)  

Soft shaft                                Hard shaft
(About 30mm flex and up)      (23mm to about 28mm)
- Better control of ball            - Less control of the ball
- Easier to shoot for juniors     - Better shots
- Often too soft for seniors        

The only reason one should get a hard blade is if they want to shoot harder. It is not incorrect to have a hard blade but generally people recommend the softer blade because it is easier to control.



How do you curve the blade the best way?

Remember that you should never curve the blade more than 3 cm because that’s considered illegal in a match. There are several ways to curve the blade. You can find both methods below. Because the blades are molded in straight angle the plastic material usually wants to go back to the way it was molded. It is therefore recommended to go through the moulding process several times.

Method  1
1. Warm the blade with an air-heat gun. Sidenote- Do not aim at a specific area for too long as the plastic will melt.
2. Curve the blade according to what you like.
3. Cool the blade in ice cold water for at least 5 minutes.

Method 2
1. Heat the blade with hot water. Usually hot water from the tap will do but to be safe you might want to boil water.
2. Curve the blade according to what you like.
3. Cool the blade in ice cold water for at least 5 minutes.

PS: Always use a damp rag when you curve the blade because the blade will be warm!


How do I attach the grip tape?

Now that you are done choosing your stick, how do you attach grip tape?

Grip tape can wear out pretty quickly and it is important to change it once worn out. There are wide selection of grip tapes on the market. In general it can be said that a more expensive grip will absorb the sweat easier, wear less and gives better grip. 

1. Take off the old grip tape
2. Start from the top of the stick and work yourself down
3. Cross over the grip with 2mm each time
4. Make sure to stretch the grip tape so it moulds along the shaft without any wrinkles
5. Seal with tape that’s included

That's all for this session. We hope we've provided you with enough information to choose the right stick for you. Adios, till next time!
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