Bored Of Running? Here Are 4 Great Alternatives

By Jessica Wang

Running and jogging is the most common type of physical activity that most of us engage it.  We have been doing it since our school days and for many of us, we still continue to do it for as long as we can.  In fact, running and jogging are very good cardiovascular activities, that can help to maintain a good heart health and it is also the fastest way to lose weight, about 100 calories is burnt running a 1.6km ( a mile). 

However, to many people running and jogging can be boring and also they find it too monotonous as compared to other types of activities. 

There are also times which runners themselves also get tired and jaded from running.  They want a change in their exercise regime.  There are many other sports which they can engage in between their usual runs or when they want to take a break from running.

As we all know, running involves a lot on the leg area and the feet, so sometimes, it can get really tiring or strained for the legs especially after long distance trainings.  Here are some of the sports which a runner or non runner can take part just to get the same cardiovascular results.



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Swimming is a total body exercise.  It engages all the limbs of the body, different strokes in swimming can also help in developing of different set of muscles.  It is also relatively low impact, making it gentle to the joints and helps to keep your heart rate up and takes away the stress off your body.   Being an all over body workout, swimming can improve your overall muscle tone that you probably cannot achieve from just running alone.  Being submerged in the water gives your body a relaxed feeling and it is also therapy for a tired body especially after a day’s work.

For non swimmers, you can also try to walk or do some aqua aerobics inside the water.  For more effective results, stay at the shallower end of the pool where your head can raise above water and start to walk about stretch or even move your hands around.  

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Yoga is actually a very good alternative for runners on their off season.  The full body stretches of the sanas ( poses) can help to relieve the strain and tension from running and also help to loosen up those tight muscles.  In fact, simple Hatha Yoga is the best for this case as it can really help to calm your nerves and tension down.  Yoga can also be practiced in between your runs and jogs.  It helps to relax your body and increase flexibility.  Asthanga and Iyengar yoga is more for the core training and can help to build up your stability and core energy.  



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This can be any kind, Zumba, Hip Hop, even simple line dancing can keep your heart rate going up.   For the more hard core workout, you can even chose Break dancing or Pole dancing for the core muscles.  Dancing not only  keep your heart pumping, it also engages in other parts of the body to get into the move rather than just the legs.  Keeping to the beat of the music will make you realise that you might be psycho-motionally challenged.  Dancing is also a good way to let it go and relax yourself after a day’s work.  Shaking in all out for the full hour can really make a difference to your body and soul.  If you find joining a dance class too expensive or your hectic work schedule does not allow you to take up regular classes, you can simply unwind by blasting music on your headphone and shake your body to the tune at home. 

For couples, you might want to take on partner dance like Salsa, or ballroom dancing to enhance your relationship with your other half or simply relax and have fun.  I personally enjoy Salsa a lot as you really have to be on your feet to keep up to the faster tunes and music.


Ball Games

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Running is more or less a one man kind of activity, but doing team sports like Basketball, soccer are also a good way to keep the adrenalin and heart pumping out.  Having a team together encourages you to go out and play the game.  At the same time, you get to interact with your friends and mingle about.  It is good as a form of relaxation for the weekend or just simply after work to take your mind off the hectic work schedules. 

So there you have it, there are actually many forms of exercise that you can take on other than running, but the main idea is to keep moving and get going.  Sweat it out and enjoy the goodness that exercise can give you.  


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