BIBFIX - Why Ruin Your Race Tops With Safety Pins?

By Jeremy Sng

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Nights before races are meant to be relaxed but focused so that you're in the best shape to tear up the tarmac the next day. Something I've dreaded through the years is pinning on a race bib. There will always be at least one adjustment after you fit the four safety pins on, and readjustments are finicky with safety pins. (Not to mention the perpetual worry that the pin will come undone, and you'll poke yourself by accident)

This problem isn't faced with triathlons since race belts are used (race bibs are pinned to a separate belt which you wear), and for some strange reason these belts don't physically impede my running in a triathlon, as opposed to a "straight-out" running race.

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Then I read about Bibfix. These strange little buttons which work like press studs, except you press them over the bib AND your running attire, fastening the bib securely in place, without leaving any lasting impressions on your attire. The best part? NO SHARP PARTS to poke yourself with.

I tested these buttons over 3 races - the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon, the Compressport Rail Corridor Run 2016, and (attempted to) for the Safari Zoo Run 2016

1) It's tight - really tight. These won't fall off while you're running.
2) They don't leave a lasting impression on your shirt, though when you first take it off there'll be a small circle imprinted, which disappears after washing.
3) It's cheap. At S$10 per set, some spend even that amount of money on fancy coffee in one day!

These are tough to put on. I took up to 5 minutes putting on the set of 4, since I had to do this on a hard surface, and using my body weight before the Safari Zoo Run since it was a short 10km race with simple course, so safety pins could suffice

Would I suggest them? Yep. Get a set, try them on, see if they're to your liking. Oh - did I mention they come in all sorts of colours, and can be personalized?

Go to for more information.

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