Against All Odds: Never Give Up

Known as Mr Perfect in the Bowling circle, I was thrilled when I heard one of my fellow lefty friends had clinched the Men’s Open title at the recent 47th Singapore International Open, making him the first Singaporean to bring home the title since 2006. Having known Vincent for a while now, he is a passionate bowler who would be present at almost every Bowling tournament. He is a very friendly, humble and cheerful person and is rather well known in the Bowling circle. 

Lim has been bowling for 15 years; he made it into the national team as a spinner in 2000 but dropped out in 2002 due to the ‘transition in technology in oiling machines’, causing the spinners to suffer. Instead of giving up, he had decided to convert his Bowling style to hook, as he wanted to continue pursuing his passion. Currently apart from Bowling for himself, he is a Bowling coach – coaching schools and private students, and also working with AGAPE Bowling Academy as a freelance coach.

Prior to winning the 47th Singapore International Open, Lim had a few 2nd positions finishes in other open championships such as 2012 Masters Bowling Championship, 2013 PBAP STORM International Classic and 2014 Thailand Open Bowling Championship. 

When asked about the goals and expectations he had going into this tournament, he said that he ‘had only expected to cash out, and felt that even coming in top 4 was out of [his] reach’ and had even shared with a few of his friends that he might come in last.

Lim had bowled an impressive average of 246 in the Men’s Open Masters finals to go into the stepladder final as the top seed. During the stepladders, Lim went through the regular self-talk and routine he normally does when he bowls, not letting the nerves get to him. He also made use of the experience he gained in previous stepladders to dominate the game, beating Malaysia’s Ahmad Muaz 201-175 for the title.

Lim shared some of his future plans with us, he is ‘looking to do something beyond coaching in time to come, but right now, coaching and bowling is sill his passion’. He also has no intentions of returning to the National Team as ‘the world belongs to the young now’ and believes that there will be youth bowlers who will step up and bring glory to Singapore.

He feels that youth bowlers these days have to understand that Bowling, like any other sport, requires a lot of discipline and sacrifices to be made, there is much more to it other than just skill and knowledge, a lot of effort has to be put into it to see results.

Ending his interview with some advice to the youth bowlers out there; ‘If you truly love Bowling, do not give up. As long as you put in effort, you will taste success someday, and even if you don’t, at the very least you know you tried your best’. 

Written by Denise Chan

Denise is the General Manager of SportSanitySG who writes and edits articles for the website. She is currently studying in Singapore Management University. As an avid fan of sports, she is actively seeking to write inspiring and informative articles for the sporting community.

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