90 Days to SEA Games 2015: A Review of the #OneTeamSG Rally

By Dylan Mah

Red was the colour of Orchard Road last Saturday evening. In case you missed the sight, masses of Singaporeans joined in the “One Team Singapore” Rally, the call to support our national athletes in the upcoming 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, when they compete against the region’s best athletes in 36 sports between 5 – 16 June.

National Athletes: Shanti Pereira (left), Goh Chui Ling (right) & SportSanity writer Dylan Mah (middle)


The event began with pedestrians streaming in during the early evening to try out sports such as football and badminton at the sport-experience stations, post their well-wishes to Team Singapore on a wall, sew Nila (Team Singapore Mascot) plush toys for the athletes, as well as bring home souvenirs of badges and crafts.

Fans gathered as performances were staged by local artistes, such as Tabitha Nauser, Daphne Khoo and The Sam Willows, performing tracks from Songs of the Games, the official album for the 28th SEA Games. More details of the songs are available here: http://www.songsofthegames.com/ . Team Singapore athletes from sports such as Pancek Silat and Gymnastics also displayed their skills on stage.

As night fell and spirits were high, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Mr. Lawrence Wong marched down Orchard Road to hoist the largest ever Team Singapore flag together with athletes, officials, volunteers and members of the public.

For those interested to win some attractive prizes, Nila’s Quest, a web-based digital game, gives players a chance to win one of 15 weekly draw prizes, including the grand prize of a roundtrip staycation to any of the Southeast Asian countries of his/her choice. Play the game here: http://www.nilasquest.com .

Overall, it was an uplifting night as the “One Team Singapore” Rally showed a glimpse of the spirit of the SEA Games, drummed up excitement and brought athletes and locals closer together. If you missed it out, check out highlights of the event here:


What’s next on the SEA Games calendar? Head down to the Make-a-NILA session held at Downtown East this weekend, 14 and 15 March from 11am to 8pm. You could catch some of your favourite national footballers making an appearance as well!

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