5 Easy Ways to Stay Fit Despite Busy Schedule

By Joshua Ang

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In our busy lives, many may find it hard to keep fit. Long work days, lengthy commutes, social or family commitments, makes it tricky to stick to a proper training regime. What are some ways you can fit exercise around your life?


1. Get Intense

Get the most out of your training time by activities that deliver maximum intensity in minimum time. Circuit training is a ideal because it is a series of intense exercises with little rest in between.

For gym workouts, do supersets, which are circuits of exercises where work is maximized on a group of muscles as they are done with no rest in between. Think of it as one very long set with different exercises. An example would be doing bench press, which predominantly works the pectoralis and triceps muscles, and then moving to an exercise that works just the triceps such as the triceps extension or the pushdown.

However, proper supersets in a gym may not always be possible, because they are crowded after work and weights get taken by other users. You will be delighted to know that even normal or ‘sequential’ sets are effective so long as it’s kept intense. Just keep rest periods to less than 30 seconds. Workout density trumps duration. 


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Not enough time for LSD (long slow distance) run training? Then do some speed training. For a better challenge, mix it up with a bit of circuits. A favourite of mine would be sprint intervals with pushups, pull ups, dips or squats done during the ‘rest’ periods.


2. Use time efficiently

Try to squeeze in workout time wherever and whenever you can. For instance to save time, you can do running commutes once you are done for the day. If it’s too far you can stop a distance from home and run back. It is handy to carry a running or hydration backpack, for holding your clothes or essentials.

In your short gym workout do also squeeze in an intense session of rowing. Rowing is a good all-round exercise, which develops your strength, speed, endurance. This provides a superb aerobic and anaerobic workout. It exercises every muscle group, and burns as much calories as running. It is time efficient, and best of all, it is one of the least busy machines in a gym.

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3. Commit to a fitness schedule

The most cited reasons to skip workouts are “I’m too busy at work”, “I’m tired”, “I want to go home and relax” Do some hard prioritizing. The truth is that when we really want to, we make time for doing the necessary. Make a schedule for training, and stick to it. Working out is a real priority too.


4. Track activity levels

You won’t know if your time-crunched workouts are effective unless you track results. Make notes in your calendar every time you exercise, monitor progress and identify areas to improve. For more effective fitness and activity tracking, consider investing in a watch with such features. This provides a clear overview of how much you have been doing and how efficient is your training. GPS watches are a godsend for run training since knowing the distance ran versus time taken plays a big part in proper training. GPS also gives you the freedom to run anywhere, without the need to go to known distance courses like tracks or park loops.


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5. Competition as motivation

Need more motivation to train? Sign up for a race or join an amateur athletic club. This provides the impetus for ‘forcing’ yourself to train. Among the countless races, running clubs, or dragonboating clubs in Singapore, find something suitable for you. Remember your aim is to keep fit and stay in great shape, so choose a sport that requires significant physical endeavor. Set goals, sign up, push yourself and be amazed at the wonders it does to you.

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