Speedminton® is a combination of Badminton, Tennis and Squash. It is a fun racquet game that you can play anywhere, anytime. The special Speeders are designed for outdoor use and fly accurately in windy conditions. The glowing Night Speeders let you play in complete darkness! It's not only great for kids, but easy for beginners to pick up!

You can play between two players (Singles) or four players with two on each side (Doubles). Each single or double pair will take position on the opposite sides of a rectangular court divided by 2 squares 5.5m x 5.5m and 12.8m apart from each square. A player can score points by striking a speeder in a way that makes it impossible for the opposing player to return the shot into the square. A rally is won when the speeder hits the floor into the square or a fault has been committed. Each side can only strike the speeder with their racquet once before it goes over into the opponent's square. To execute a successful serve, the server needs to ensure that his serve of the speeder to his opponent lands in his opponent’s square court. You will change service after every 3 serves.


The game

The game ends when one player reaches 16 points. If the score is tied at 15 or greater, play continues until one player has a two-point advantage. A match consists of three wins (best of five).




The players draw to decide which player serves first. Service then alternates after every three serves. If the score is tied at 15:15, service alternates after each point. The serve has to be from the service zone. You let the speeder drop from hip level and hit it as it falls. The losing side always has first service in the next game.





Every volley counts unless it has to be repeated. Points are awarded in the following cases:

  • Service fault
  • Speeder® contact with the ground
  • Speeder® lands in playing field (or on one of the lines) and cannot be returned
  • Speeder® lands "out"
  • Speeder® is hit twice by the same player
  • Body contact with the speeder®

If a player returns an "out" Speeder, it counts as "accepted" and play continues.


Changing sides


Players change sides after each game to ensure equal playing conditions (wind and lighting conditions). If a fifth game (tiebreak) becomes necessary, players change sides every 6 points played.



The two double team players are standing in one single court. Each double team consists of a attack and a back space player. The back space player is not allowed to position his rear foot in front of his team mate’s rear foot in the moment of hitting. This action counts as a foul and causes a point loss. The back and front positions of the team players are changing with the service changes, that means the service player is automatically in the back space position (check the service rules as described below). Counting and changeover are equal to the Single Match rules.

Doubles service

Drawing lots decides which team serves first. The service player has 3 serves in a row (cf. single rules). The service player is the back space player. The non-service player is the attack player. The serves switch from Player A1 to Player B1 to Player A2 to Player B2. After all 4 players have served, the first player starts again. The first serve in the next set goes to the team that loses the previous set.

Try out Speedminton today!
Here are a few tips to get you started.


You want to be able to move and lunge quickly so loose fitting attire is highly recommended

  • A breathable t-shirt, tank top or dri-fit shirt
  • Sports shorts
  • A pair of socks
  • Shoes with non-marking soles


  • Speedminton® racquet set (pair of racquets, speeders)
  • You don't need a net or a court!